MAdLand Seminars

Related MAdLand topics will be presented during the monthly seminars. They will be broadcast online. If you want to attend the seminar as a non-MAdLand member, please register yourself by mailing to .


Date Speaker Topic
25.01.2022 Stuart McDaniel (Department of Biology, University of Florida, Gainesville FL) Stasis and change in the bryophyte life cycle
22.02.2022 Mona Schreiber (Plant Cell Biology, University of Marburg) The greening ashore
15.03.2022 Liam Dolan (Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology GmbH, Vienna, Austria) De-novo development of cell polarity in Marchantia polymorpha
26.04.2022 Blake Fauskee and Kathleen Pryer (Department Of Biology, Duke University) Exploring the evolution of RNA editing in land plants and its ties to DNA substitution rates: insights from Pteridaceae
17.05.2022 Oguz Top (University of Munich, Biocenter) Regulation of embryogenesis and sporophyte development by specific AGO1-dependent small RNA pathways in Physcomitrium patens
21.06.2022 Bénédicte Charrier (CNRS, Sorbonne Université, Roscoff, France) Modelling the force-driven early morphogenesis in the brown alga Saccharina latissima


Date Speaker Topic
12.01.2021 Eva Sundberg (Swedish University of Agricultural Science) Is auxin important for apical stem cells or their offspring in early diverging land plants?
09.02.2021 Hugues Renault (IBMP - Institut de biologie moléculaire des plantes) A glimpse of plant adaptation to land through the biopolymer lens
09.03.2021 Jill Harrison (School of Biological Science, University of Bristol) The genetic basis of body plan evolution in plants
30.03.2021 Ruth Kamm (University of Kiel) Mentoring Programmes for Women in Science. The Example of via:mento at Kiel University
13.04.2021 Paul Kenrick (National History Museum) Origins of land plants: a perspective from the fossil record.
11.05.2021 Jocelyn Rose (School of Integrated Plant Science, Cornell University, Ithaka, USA) Deciphering the structure, function and origins of land plant cell walls: algae, tomatoes and elephants.
15.06.2021 Takayuki Kohchi (Laboratory of Plant Molecular Biology, Kyoto University, Japan) Sexual reproduction and sex differentiation in gametophyte generation *
13.07.2021 Katie Field (University of Sheffield) The roots of change: Mycorrhizal symbioses through the Phanerozoic +
12.10.2021 Jennifer McElwain (School of Natural Sciences, University of Dublin) Tropical Arctic: Lost Plants, Future Climates and the Discovery of Ancient Greenland
09.11.2021 Juan Carlos Villarreal Aguilar (Université Laval, Québec, Canada) Hornworts phylogenomics and evolution of plant-cyanobacterial symbioses *
07.12.2021 Phil Donoghue (School of Earth Sciences University of Bristol) Early land plant evolution

* invitation suggested by the MAdLand PhD students

+ invitation suggested by the MAdLand gender and ethics commitee

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