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    #3 de Vries et al., 2021

    Confocal micrograph of Zygnema circumcarinatum SAG698-1a, a member of the Zygnematophyceae, which is a class of streptophyte algae that has been pinpointed as the algal sister lineage to land plants. Cell walls were stained with calcofluor white and appear in cyan color. Autofluorescence of the star-shaped plastids appear in reddish color. TPJ Volume 107, Issue 4, Pages: 969-1276

    #4 Ludwig et al., 2021

    The image displays the essence of what we know today about shoot thermomorphogenesis: temperature-induced architectural changes that enable transpirational leaf cooling to protect the photosynthetic machinery. Credits: Wenke Ludwig in collaboration with Rebecca Lippmann, Julia Bellstädt, Steve Babben, Matthias Reimers and Marcel Quint. Journal of Experimental Botany, Volume 72, Issue 21, 20 November 2021, Pages 7339–7344

    #7 Frangedakis et al., 2021

    Confocal microscopy image of Anthoceros agrestis thallus, expressing mTurquoise2 in the nucleus and eGFP in the plasma membrane. Chloroplasts are shown in magenta. Image courtesy of Eftychios Frangedakis. New Phytologist, Volume 232, Issue 3, Pages: 959-1520

    #14 Irisarri et al., 2021

    Chlorokybus cerffii sp. nov. (SAG 34.98) is a newly described streptophyte alga from a lineage most distant to land plants, which is shown to consist of at least five cryptic species based on phylotranscriptomic data. Credit: Tatyana Darienko. Published in Proc. R. Soc. B, Volume 288 Issue 1963

    #34 Schreiber et al., 2022

    More than half a billion years ago, a streptophyte algal lineage began terraforming the terrestrial habitat and Earth’s atmosphere. This pioneering step enabled the subsequent evolution of all complex life on land. Mona Schreiber, Stefan A. Rensing, and Sven B. Gould highlight that many traits we once thought were unique to land plants are conserved across some streptophyte algae and how this knowledge may help us to better prepare all green life, including our crops, for the challenges that the climate change of the Anthropocene precipitates. Image credit: Mona Schreiber. Published in Trends in Plant Science, Volume 27 Issue 9

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    Table of MAdLand publications (MAdLand PIs are marked in bold):

    Number Year Authors Titel Journal Link
    41) 2022 John L Bowman, Mario Arteaga-Vazquez, Frederic Berger, Liam N Briginshaw, Philip Carella, Adolfo Aguilar-Cruz, Kevin M Davies, Tom Dierschke, Liam Dolan, Ana E Dorantes-Acosta, Tom J Fisher, Eduardo Flores-Sandoval, Kazutaka Futagami, Kimitsune Ishizaki, Rubina Jibran, Takehiko Kanazawa, Hirotaka Kato, Takayuki Kohchi, Jonathan Levins, Shih-Shun Lin, Hirofumi Nakagami, Ryuichi Nishihama, Facundo Romani, Sebastian Schornack, Yasuhiro Tanizawa, Masayuki Tsuzuki, Takashi Ueda, Yuichiro Watanabe, Katsuyuki T Yamato, Sabine Zachgo The renaissance and enlightenment of Marchantia as a model system The Plant Cell
    40) 2022 Philipp William Niemeyer, Iker Irisarri, Patricia Scholz, Kerstin Schmitt, Oliver Valerius, Gerhard H. Braus, Cornelia Herrfurth, Ivo Feussner, Shrikant Sharma, Anders S. Carlsson, Jan de Vries, Per Hofvander, Till Ischebeck A seed-like proteome in oil-rich tubers The Plant Journal
    39) 2022 Sebastian Hess, Shelby K. Williams, Anna Busch, Iker Irisarri, Charles F. Delwiche, Sophie de Vries, Tatyana Darienko, Andrew J.Roger, John M. Archibald, Henrik Buschmann, Klaus von Schwartzenberg, Jan de Vries A phylogenomically informed five-order system for the closest relatives of land plants Current Biology
    38) 2022 Manuel Waller, Eftychios Frangedakis, Alan Marron, Susanna Sauret-Gueto, Jenna Rever, Cyrus Raja Rubenstein Sabbagh, Julian M. Hibberd, Jim Haseloff, Karen Renzaglia, Péter Szövényi An optimised transformation protocol for Anthoceros agrestis and three more hornwort species bioRxiv
    37) 2022 Alexander Kirbis, Nasim Rahmatpour, Shanshan Dong, Jin Yu, Nico van Gessel, Manuel Waller, Ralf Reski, Daniel Lang, Stefan A. Rensing, Eva M. Temsch, Jill L. Wegrzyn, Bernard Goffinet, Yang Liu, Péter Szövényi Genome dynamics in mosses: Extensive synteny coexists with a highly dynamic gene space bioRxiv
    36) 2022 Sophie de Vries, Jan de Vries Evolutionary genomic insights into cyanobacterial symbioses in plants Quantitative Plant Biology
    35) 2022 Soheil Pezeshki, Ina Warmbier, Tobias Busch, Elke Bauerbach, Peter Szövenyi, Maike Petersen The first step into phenolic metabolism in the hornwort Anthoceros agrestis: molecular and biochemical characterization of two phenylalanine ammonia-lyase isoforms Planta
    34) 2022 Mona Schreiber, Stefan A. Rensing, Sven B. Gould The greening ashore Trends in Plant Science
    33) 2022 Carolin Delker, Marcel Quint, Philip A. Wigge Recent advances in understanding thermomorphogenesis signaling Current Opinion in Plant Biology
    32) 2022 Christin Naumann, Marcus Heisters, Wolfgang Brandt, Philipp Janitza, Carolin Alfs, Nancy Tang, Alicia Toto Nienguesso, Jörg Ziegler, Richard Imre, Karl Mechtler, Yasin Dagdas, Wolfgang Hoehenwarter, Gary Sawers, Marcel Quint, Steffen Abel Bacterial-type ferroxidase tunes iron-dependent phosphate sensing during Arabidopsis root development Current Biology
    31) 2022 Noe Fernandez-Pozo, Fabian B Haas, Sven B Gould, Stefan A Rensing An overview of bioinformatics, genomics, and transcriptomics resources for bryophytes Journal of Experimental Botany
    30) 2022 Lukas Pfeifer, Kim-Kristine Mueller, Birgit Classen The cell wall of hornworts and liverworts: innovations in early land plant evolution? Journal of Experimental Botany
    29) 2022 Claus Schwechheimer, Peter Michael Schröder, Crysten E Blaby-Haas Plant GATA Factors: Their Biology, Phylogeny, and Phylogenomics Annual Review of Plant Biology
    28) 2022 Felix Althoff, Linus Wegner, Katrin Ehlers, Henrik Buschmann, Sabine Zachgo Developmental Plasticity of the Amphibious Liverwort Riccia fluitans Front. Plant Sci.
    27) 2022 Iker Irisarri, Jan de Vries Punctuated ancestral gene gains in streptophyte evolution Molecular Plant
    26) 2022 Katharina Melkonian, Sara Christina Stolze, Anne Harzen, Hirofumi Nakagami miniTurbo-based interactomics of two plasma membrane-localized SNARE proteins in Marchantia polymorpha New Phytologist
    25) 2022 Anna Neubauer, Stéphanie Ruaud, Manuel Waller, Eftychios Frangedakis, Fay-Wei Li, Svenja I. Nötzold, Susann Wicke, Aurélien Bailly, Péter Szövényi Step-by-step protocol for the isolation and transient transformation of hornwort protoplasts Applications in Plant Sciences
    24) 2022 Lucien Ernst, Julia Wohl, Elke Bauerbach, Maike Petersen Hydroxycinnamoyltransferase and CYP98 in phenolic metabolism in the rosmarinic acid-producing hornwort Anthoceros agrestis Planta
    23) 2022 Tim P. Rieseberg, Armin Dadras, Janine M.R. Fürst-Jansen, Amra Dhabalia Ashok, Tatyana Darienko, Sophie de Vries, Iker Irisarri, Jan de Vries Crossroads in the evolution of plant specialized metabolism Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology
    22) 2022 Boas Pucker, Iker Irisarri, Jan de Vries, Bo Xu Plant genome sequence assembly in the era of long reads: Progress, challenges and future directions Quantitative Plant Biology
    21) 2022 Jana Trenner, Jacqueline Monaghan, Bushra Saeed, Marcel Quint, Nitzan Shabek, Marco Trujillo Evolution and Functions of Plant U-Box Proteins: From Protein Quality Control to Signaling Annual Review of Plant Biology
    20) 2022 Tegan M. Haslam, Ivo Feussner Diversity in sphingolipid metabolism across land plants Journal of Experimental Botany
    19) 2022 Alexander I. MacLeod, Parth K. Raval, Simon Stockhorst, Michael R. Knopp, Eftychios Frangedakis and Sven B. Gould Loss of plastid developmental genes coincides with a reversion to monoplastidy in hornworts Front. Plant Sci
    18) 2022 Bernd Ackermann, Beatrix Dünschede, Björn Pietzenuk, Bo Højen Justesen, Ute Krämer, Eckhard Hofmann, Thomas Günther Pomorski, Danja Schünemann Chloroplast Ribosomes Interact With the Insertase Alb3 in the Thylakoid Membrane Front. Plant Sci
    17) 2022 Alkistis E. Lanassa Bassukasa, Yao Xiaoa, Claus Schwechheimer Phosphorylation control of PIN auxin transporters Current Opinion in Plant Biology
    16) 2021 Janine M.R. Fürst-Jansen, Sophie de Vries, Maike Lorenz, Klaus von Schwartzenberg, John M. Archibald, Jan de Vries Submergence of the filamentous Zygnematophyceae Mougeotia induces differential gene expression patterns associated with core metabolism and photosynthesis Protoplasma
    15) 2021 Lukas Pfeifer, Jon Utermöhlen, Kathrin Happ, Charlotte Permann, Andreas Holzinger, Klaus von Schwartzenberg, Birgit Classen Search for evolutionary roots of land plant arabinogalactan-proteins in charophytes: presence of a rhamnogalactan-protein in Spirogyra pratensis (Zygnematophyceae) The Plant Journal
    14) 2021 Iker Irisarri, Tatyana Darienko, Thomas Pröschold, Janine M. R. Fürst-Jansen, Mahwash Jamy and Jan de Vries Unexpected cryptic species among streptophyte algae most distant to land plants Proc. R. Soc. B.
    13) 2021 M. Asif Arif, Oguz Top, Erika Csicsely, Myriam Lichtenstern, Hossein Beheshti, Kaoutar Adjabi, Wolfgang Frank DICER-LIKE1a autoregulation based on intronic microRNA processing is required for stress adaptation in Physcomitrium patens The Plant Journal
    12) 2021 David Wickell, Li-Yaung Kuo, Hsiao-Pei Yang, Amra Dhabalia Ashok, Iker Irisarri, Armin Dadras, Sophie de Vries, Jan de Vries, Yao-Moan Huang, Zheng Li, Michael S. Barker, Nolan T. Hartwick, Todd P. Michael & Fay-Wei Li Underwater CAM photosynthesis elucidated by Isoetes genome Nature Communications
    11) 2021 Carsten Völkner, Lorenz Josef Holzner, Philip M. Day, Amra Dhabalia Ashok, Jan de Vries, Bettina Bölter, Hans-Henning Kunz Two plastid POLLUX ion channel-like proteins are required for stress-triggered stromal Ca2+ release Plant Physiology
    10) 2021 Hidekazu Iwakawa, Katharina Melkonian, Titus Schlüter, Hyung-Woo Jeon, Ryuichi Nishihama, Hiroyasu Motose, Hirofumi Nakagami Agrobacterium-Mediated Transient Transformation of Marchantia Liverworts Plant and Cell Physiology
    9) 2021 Stefan A. Rensing, Dolf Weijers Flowering plant embryos: How did we end up here? Plant Reproduction
    8) 2021 Romy Petroll, Mona Schreiber, Hermann Finke, J. Mark Cock, Sven B. Gould and Stefan A. Rensing Signatures of Transcription Factor Evolution and the Secondary Gain of Red Algae Complexity Genes
    7) 2021 Eftychios Frangedakis, Manuel Waller, Tomoaki Nishiyama, Hirokazu Tsukaya, Xia Xu, Yuling Yue, Michelle Tjahjadi, Andika Gunadi, Joyce Van Eck, Fay-Wei Li, Péter Szövényi, Keiko Sakakibara An Agrobacterium-mediated stable transformation technique for the hornwort model Anthoceros agrestis New Phytologist
    6) 2021 Péter Szövényi, Andika Gunadi & Fay-Wei Li Charting the genomic landscape of seed-free plants Nature Plants
    5) 2021 Ayumi Matsumoto, Titus Schlüter, Katharina Melkonian, Atsushi Takeda, Hirofumi Nakagami, Akira Mine A versatile Tn7 transposon-based bioluminescence tagging tool for quantitative and spatial detection of bacteria in plants Plant Communications
    4) 2021 Ludwig W., Hayes S., Trenner J., Delker C., Quint M. Darwin Review: On the evolution of plant thermomorphogenesis. Journal of Experimental Botany
    3) 2021 Sophie de Vries, Janine MR Fürst-Jansen, Iker Irisarri, Amra Dhabalia Ashok, Till Ischebeck, Kirstin Feussner, Ilka N Abreu, Maike Petersen, Ivo Feussner, Jan de Vries The evolution of the phenylpropanoid pathway entailed pronounced radiations and divergences of enzyme families The Plant Journal
    2) 2021 Genau AC, Li Z, Renzaglia KS, Fernandez Pozo N, Nogué F, Haas FB, Wilhelmsson PKI, Ullrich KK, Schreiber M, Meyberg R, Grosche C, Rensing SA. HAG1 and SWI3A/B control of male germ line development in P. patens suggests conservation of epigenetic reproductive control across land plants. Plant Reproduction
    1) 2020 Facundo Romani, Elizabeta Banić, Stevie N. Florent, Takehiko Kanazawa, Jason Q.D. Goodger, Remco A. Mentink, Tom Dierschke, Sabine Zachgo, Takashi Ueda, John L. Bowman, Miltos Tsiantis, Javier E. Moreno Oil Body Formation in Marchantia polymorpha Is Controlled by MpC1HDZ and Serves as a Defense against Arthropod Herbivores Current Biology

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