MAdLand PhD Students Programme

The MAdLand PhD programme individually coordinates MAdLand PhD students. The MAdLand supervision includes regular reports, such as the individual PhD plan (IPP) in the first year and a concise progress report in the second year. In addition, the PhD student will regularly meet with their individual thesis advisory committee (TAC) that consists of the direct supervisor and a second project investigator with complementary expertise from the MAdLand programme. IPP, concise progress report, and TAC meeting will be overseen by the MAdLand coordination team to ensure fair and transparent PhD projects.
At annual meetings PhD students are invited to organize their own gatherings and at the monthly MAdLand seminars they will propose speakers to invite. This will be organized by an elected representative PhD speaker (Erika Csicsely). She is a member of the Steering Committee and has close contact to the PhD students.

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